Our company concentrates on essence production on wet wipes and detergent varieties; In the past five years of production of essence, we have added a total of 50 kinds of products to our portfolio.

Our variety of essence is concentrated on five main scent tones: Floral, Fruity, Perfumed, Creamy, Fresh. The amount of our products used is very low and the purity is very high. The recommended usage rate is 0.1% for low quality products, 0,2% for medium quality products and 0,3% for high quality products. All production documents of our essence group are complete and available in our anti-allergen essences as requested by our customers.

We can only design your own unique product.

Describe your imaginary smell and your product; From the package to the label, from the cover to the collar, from the fragrance to the content, from A to Z, let’s do your design together and uncover a unique product.

Our prices range from € 10 to € 22 on average. The packaging form is 30kg and 220kg plastic canister. Please contact us for detailed information and prices.