Our company is the leader in the world with 120 kinds of products about wet wipe solution variety.

Our product range; Newborn baby, 3-12 months baby, 1-3 year old baby, Children 3 and older, General use, Makeup cleaning, Genital area cleaning, Anti bacterial cleaning, Bottle and toy cleaning, Deodorant effective, Insect repellent, Glass lcd and chandelier cleaner, Nail polish remover, Torpedo polisher, Shoe polisher, Car polisher, Floor cleaner, Lip thickener, Moisturizing effects, Pain relief effective, Toilet paper, Patient cleaning, Dry shampoo, Cat dog paw clearing, Cat dog dry shampoo, Cat dog ear cleaning, Cat dog eye cleaning and etc.

All the products we produce are in contact with the skin and are usually used in the human body, all our formations, natural chemicals and specific preservatives are used approval by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health of Turkey. Dermatological test, microbiological test, stability test are performed every 6 months by Laboratories which have international accreditation. All of our products have Health Certificates, MSDS and TDS.

Over the past 10 years, our company has been providing consulting, product and supply services to the world’s leading wet wipe producers. Our company, which has been exporting extensively to a total of 26 countries, is proud of putting its countries in the position of the best and exemplary producers.


  • The only company with production license in Turkey !!!
  • We have complete ISO documents as well as production documents.
  • Starting from the facility installation, the only company that is in the process of being the customer in the whole process, doing laboratory training, packaging and label design, package design, solution design.
  • The only solution manufacturer that does not require pH adjustment.
  • We are the only company that produces perfume that is compatible with the solution.
  • Extra by-product is the simplest production process in the world without the need. (Water + solution + essence)
  • The only company to test its products every 6 months in internationally accredited laboratories.
  • Companies with favorable conditions; THE ONE COMPANY GIVING WARRANTY do not BACTERIUM, MUSHROOM, MOLD.
  • The only firm that can deliver smoothly to every region of the world.

You, our valued customers, We are at your service with our expert cadre to bring your region’s leader and example facilities and brands to market leadership position.